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Perform your Qurbani the Shariah way to please Allah (SWT) and honour Hazrat Ibrahim(AS).
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PakQurbani is your reliable and effective partner in fulfilling your religious obligation of Qurbani. We will sweeten your experience of Qurbani by facilitating you online on this auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. We believe in spreading love and happiness to those who are suffering the hardships of life. We take pride in the standard and quality of our services. Provision of best online Qurbani services, along with the humanitarian support to the brothers and sisters, has been the hallmark of our organization.

Allah (SWT) has sent down the Book of Guidance (Holy Quran) and a perfect example of how to follow the rules (Hazrat Muhammad PBUH). We have to derive the Shariah-compliant way for Qurbani to ensure that Allah accepts the sacrifice. That way only, we can show our obedience to Allah.

Have you ever thought about how many times Allah actually accepted the sacrifice (Qurbani) you performed? Think!!!

PakQurbani is well aware of the rituals and procedures involved in conducting it to please ALLAH. PakQurbani is the most reliable online service provider and is best known for the quality assurance we offer to our valued customers. PakQurbani has employed researchers and Islamic Scholars to ensure that all the rituals of Qurbani are performed properly. PakQurbani is renowned for the fulfillment of its promise of 100% Halal Qurbani among its loyal customers. Moreover, we have always met their expectations regarding the health and hygiene of the animal and meat. We have always satisfied our customers in Aqiqa, Sadqa and Charity based Qurbani as well. This all is the proof of our sincerity with which we cater Halal and Shariah-approved Qurbani services.

PakQurbani has its strong foothold in the areas:
1. Affordable low prices
2. 100% Halal method
3. Ensuring complete Hygiene
4. State-of-art Equipments
5. Highly Trained professionals
6. 24/7 Customer Care Service
7. Proper packaging design
8. Providing other services (Aqiqa, Sadqa and Charity)

PakQurbani Team has always appreciated the feedback from its valuable customer base. Our customer care department team is 24/7 ready to serve its clients for assisting with the online Qurbani performance.