The Hygienic Way of Zabiha (Slaughter)

Quality Assurance:

PakQurbani deploys various methods to ensure that the meat that is produced after the Qurbani of the animal is of the best grade. It should obey the rules of the Quality Assurance techniques that have been set forth in the past. This will bring about the best quality of meat for the ones who receive it.

The adverse conditions of most of the slaughter houses is an undeniable fact. However, the entrepreneurial eye of the philanthropists in PakQurbani Team had the vision of an automated, hygienic and Shariah-compliant Slaughterhouse for Muslim brothers and sisters. They were able to successfully pull the idea and make a strong foothold in the international market.

1. Standardized processes

At PakQurbani, automation has provided us comparative advantage over conventional slaughterhouses. The standardized processes ensure that the meat for every order is produced of the best quality. This standard is maintained by following a number of strong quality control steps. The animal is kept on adequate healthy nourishment. The animal is hand slaughtered according to Shariah requirement. Pre-slaughtering checkups ensure that the animal is free from diseases of all kinds. The mechanized processes are used for slicing and deboning of meat thus ensuring that the meat serving size is always easy to handle. For that reason, PakQurbani has taken the initiative to ensure that its customers receive meat with the best lean cuts that are beneficial only in a specified quantity i.e. 3 ounces which is the standard serving size of beef.

To maintain a healthy and hygienic way of living, it is advised to even choose the best of food for yourself. Particularly if we talk of beef then there are certain parts of it that are really good in maintaining a healthy diet for you but with some there are excess calories attached which can increase the fat percentage of your body.

2. Packaging Method

PakQurbani has always aimed at providing quality services to its valuable customers by offering ease at managing Qurbani meat. Our packaging techniques guarantee to retain freshness of the meat and to deliver it in healthy conditions. We have carried out extensive research upon the ways to retain fresh texture of the meat and delivering the lean cuts best suited for use by the customers. The various animal body parts have been classified and are delivered in separate bags that are all labeled for easy identification. The temperature of the storage unit is also managed. However, we guarantee the meat to be stored for the three hours after the Qurbani. After that, the meat package will be delivered to any social welfare organization.