Welcome to PakQurbani

We strive to provide the best quality services of Qurbani for gaining the pleasure of Allah. PakQurbani is a team of professionals who ensure fulfillment of the service with the best quality assurance methods. For that we employ best infrastructure, automated processes and experienced researchers to deliver 100 percent Halal Qurbani services with guarantee of completely hygienic ways of production at the slaughterhouse and packaging department.


PakQurbani is an initiative of God-fearing individuals who have a strong portfolio in serving the community for the pleasure of Allah. We aim at helping the Muslims all over the world in performing the obligation of Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi.

PakQurbani provides a myriad of facilities to its valued customers to ensure customer satisfaction. Your Qurbani meat can be delivered to your relatives in Pakistan. The meat packages can also be channelized to the destitute brothers and sisters who deserve the help from the community. The choice will be at the disposal of the one who makes the order. Also, PakQurbani makes available the option of selecting the number of shares in the animal, and the packaging for each share will be made separately.

PakQurbani Team!

PakQurbani employs are highly trained professional for the planning, maintenance and execution of the operations and functions related to Qurbani. We have also hired Shariah consultants and scholars, particularly to ensure that Qurbani is executed following 100 percent Halal procedure.

PakQurbani employs professionals, especially in the field of health and hygiene care. This would be in the best interest of our valued customers. From selection of animals to inclusion of feedbacks of our customers, our high esteemed team takes care of all the factors that need consideration. The whole PakQurbani Team is highly trained for the whole process so that each one of our team knows the right way and right time of the Fareeza.