What is Qurbani

Slaughtering animal on the 10th, 11th & 12th of ZulHijjah as to seek ALLAH’s blessings and pleasure is what every Muslim strives for in his life. Qurbani (an Urdu & Persian word) is performed in the memory of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim who in pursuance of ALLAH’s command was ready to sacrifice his adored son as to prove of his submission and obedience to ALLAH. It is therefore, celebrated every year and is known as Eid-ul-Adha in which we thank ALLAH and sacrifice animals as to provide food for the needy and poverty stricken people.

ALLAH also highlights the importance of “Qurbani” in Quran and says: “Their flesh and their blood reach not Allah, but the devotion/piety from you reaches Him. Thus have we made them subject to you that you may magnify Allah that He has guided you …” (S22:vs37)

Qurbani made easy :

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